Designing a Bathroom for a Multi-generational Home

If you live in a multi-generational household, you are not alone. With many grown-up offspring staying at home for longer, or grandparents moving in to help with childcare for little ones, or because they are too frail to live alone, many of us are playing the generation game. ...

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How To Design The Perfect Media Room

We use media rooms for media items such as televisions, sound systems and maybe even computers and gaming consoles. The media room is where one can retreat to relax and catch up on a movie, a favourite show, or play that new video game they can’t seem to master. It’s all a...

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Summer Essential Tips

Summer is a time when you enjoy your home the most as the weather is warmer and you’re often entertaining more frequently. Here are some tips to use while the warm weather lasts! Install an outdoor clothesline – Take advantage of the warm weather and dry your clothing...

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Christmas Decorating Tips

  Christmas is the perfect opportunity to inject a little fun and whimsy into your home’s interior decor scheme, but it doesn’t mean you have to forgo the sense of style your space usually evokes. It’s all about finding creative ways to make your home feel festive a...

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Renovations Are Not Just Great For Profit

When it comes to undertaking home renovations, there are a limitless number of improvements you can make to your home. Jawcons extensive housing and unit knowledge can guide you through up-to-date styles and aesthetic elements that will turn your old home into a masterpiece. ...

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